AQSOA™ Honeycomb Wheel Cassette*


Desiccant Air-Conditioners

Applied Locations

  • Office Buildings
  • Humidity Controlled Plants
  • Cold Storage Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Supermarkets
  • Household Humidity Conditioners
  • Meat Processing Plants
AQSOA® Honeycomb Wheel Cassette*

AQSOA™ desiccant rotor cassette can replace the existing one.
Please contact us when necessary.

Mechanism of Desiccant Air-Conditioner

In the AQSOA™ desiccant air-conditioning,
moisture in wet air is adsorbed through AQSOA™ honeycomb wheel and dries air is supplied.

Mechanism of Desiccant Air-Conditioner

Merits of AQSOA™ Desiccant Air-Conditioner are to

  • Create comfortable space.
  • Give you better quality control and improve productivity at your factory by humidity control.
  • Control humidity of clean room and so on, precisely.
  • Create sanitary environment to prevent condensation and frost.
  • Decrease relative humidity for anticorrosion.
  • Save energy for effective utilization of waste heat.

Honeycomb Wheel for Dehumidification and Humidification

Recommended Regeneration Temperature

Recommended Regeneration Temperature

RecommendTypical Dimensions(Cassette)

Recommended Typical Dimensions(Cassette)

Dimensions of Honeycomb Core

Dimensions of Honeycomb Core

Performance of Dehumidification(AQSOA™-FAM-Z05)

Correlations of absolute humidity of inlet air
and absolute humidity and temperature of outlet air

Outside Air, Relative Humidity 90%, Air Velocity 2m/s
Return Air, 51 20g/kg (DA) Air Velocity 2m/s Zone Ratio 1:1

Performance of Dehumidification(AQSOA®-FAM-Z05)

Pressure Loss

measured temperature is 20.
Width of wheel is 200mm.

Pressure Loss

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"Low cost desiccant wheel project"
Presented on April 30, 2002
Presented at Integrated Energy Systems - Peer Review Meeting
Presented by Mr. Douglas Koser (University of Illinois at Chicago)