Adsorption heat pump


Adsorption Heat Pump Chiller (or Heater)


Adsorption Heat Pump for Air-Conditionings and Cooling Processes

Applied Locations

  • Steelmaking Plants
  • Cast Incinerator Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Foods Factories
  • Hot Springs
  • Cogeneration Plants
Manufactured at MAYEKAWA MFG. CO., LTD.
Adsorption Heat Pump (AdHP) Chiller
Manufactured by Fahrenheit utilizing coated heat exchanger inside

Fahrenheit's  Adsorption Heat Pump (AdHP) Chiller eCoo10 - 10KW (36,000 BTU/hr) cooling capacity (pdf758kB) as displayed. The chiller utilizes hot water generated by CHP (Combination of Heat and Power) using natural gas. Co-generation system can change to "TRI-GEN" to generate electricity, heat and cool working with AdHP chiller.

1. THERMAL DRIVEN CHILLER - no electricity is used in chilling mechanism
==> Electrical COP = 10 (10kw cooling capacity from 1 kw electricity - control, pump, recooling unit)
2. No Freon/Lithium Bromide/Ammonia is used - WATER is cooling media
3. No compressor is used - VERY QUIET
4. By using 65 degree C (149 degree F) hot water, 10-15 degree C (50- 59 degree F) chilled water can be produced.
5. Best fit to Solar hot water, biomass plant, geothermal, CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and other waste heat source

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Principle of Adsorption heat pump

Water desorption-adsorption cycle generates cold water

Block Flow Diagram of AdHP chiller with CHP (Combined Heat and Power)

Block Flow Diagram of AQSOA AdHP chiller with CHP (Combined Heat and Power)

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