Honeycomb Wheel Cassette

   Desiccant Air-Conditioners

Applied Locations
●Office Buildings
  ●Humidity Controlled Plants
  ●Cold Storage Rooms
  ●Nursing Homes
  ●Household Humidity Conditioners
  ●Meat Processing Plants

Desiccant rotor cassette can replace the existing one.
Please contact us when necessary.

Mechanism of Desiccant Air-Conditioner

In the desiccant air-conditioning, moisture in wet air is adsorbed through honeycomb wheel and dries air is supplied.

Merits of Desiccant Air-Conditioner are to
●Create comfortable space.
●Give you betclean rooter quality control and improve productivity at your factory by humidity control.
●Control humidity of m and so on, precisely.
●Create sanitary environment to prevent condensation and frost.
●Decrease relative humidity for anticorrosion
●Save energy for effective utilization of waste heat.
Honeycomb Wheel for Dehumidification and Humidification
Recommended Typical Dimensions(Cassette)

Dimensions of Honeycomb Core

Performance of Dehumidification(™-FAM-Z05)
Correlations of absolute humidity of inlet air and absolute humidity and temperature of outlet air Outside Air, Relative Humidity 90%, Air Velocity 2m/s Return Air, 51℃ 20g/kg (DA) Air Velocity 2m/s Zone Ratio 1:1

Pressure Loss
measured temperature is 20℃. Width of wheel is 200mm.

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Literature download

"Low cost desiccant wheel project"
Presented on April 30, 2002
Presented at Integrated Energy Systems - Peer Review Meeting
Presented by Mr. Douglas Koser (University of Illinois at Chicago)