Low Temperature Heat use

Mechanism of Adsorption Heat Pump

●Save energy for effective utilization of waste heat.
●Be environmentally-friendly, neither CFCs nor HFCs is needed.
●Make little noise and little vibration, because of no need of compressor.
●Be easy for operation and maintenance.

Merits of Adsorption Heat Pump
Sprayed water evaporate on the pipes, in which water flow, in a vacuumed evaporator. And the water in the pipe is cooled by latent heat of evaporation.
Adsorption heat pump produce cold water.

Coated heat exchanger adsorbs vapor from the evaporator.

Hot water in the pipes regenerate adsorbent on the heat exchanger. And the vapor transfer to the condenser.

Vapor from the coated heat exchanger condenses on the pipes cooled by cooling water. Condensed water flow back to the evaporator.

Mechanism of Desiccant Air-Conditioner

In the desiccant air-conditioning, moisture in wet air is adsorbed through honeycomb wheel and dries air is supplied.

Coated Heat Exchanger for Adsorption Heat Pump

Recommended Regeneration Temperature Range

Typical Dimensions

Performance of FAM-Z02 adsorption heat pump compared with silica gel adsorption heat pump and absorption heat pump.
Expected Performance Ratio of The Heat Pumps with Decreasing Regeneration Temperature.
100% standard performance is defined that at 88℃ for regeneration, 31℃ for cooling water and 9℃ for producing cold water.

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